4 Niche Marketing SEO Tips For Beginners

4 Niche Marketing SEO Tips For Beginners

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Niche Marketing SEO Tips For Beginners

When can you get the best quality, targeted traffic for your niche website? From search engines of course! When someone uses a search term (keyword) that is related to your niche they are trying to find information and answers to questions that you can help them with. So you need to get in front of this targeted traffic.

Search engine traffic is of the highest quality. People don’t search for “the best laptop for under $1,000” without having the intent to find and purchase such a laptop. So it is essential that you do everything that you can to rank your web pages as high as you can on Google and the other major search engines.

1. It all starts with Keyword Research

Before you even begin to setup your niche website you need to perform comprehensive keyword research. There are many tools available for this and you can outsource the work if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Keyword research is not that difficult. You can use the free Google Keyword Planner, enter a seed keyword for your niche e.g. “budget laptops” and then see what related keyword suggestions are returned. It is usually fairly easy to find hundreds of keyword ideas in a couple of hours.

You can then organize your niche website and your content around the keywords you find. With WordPress you can easily set up different categories for different keyword groups. When you create posts for your website use your keywords in them to maximize your chances of good search engine rankings.

2. On Site Optimization

SEO has two major elements which are on site and off site optimization. You are in complete control of on site optimization as the owner of your website. Make sure that your website has the best structure for SEO and that all of your content is SEO optimized.

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Create your content around your keywords. Determine what your main keywords are and find related keywords. Use your main keyword in the title of your posts. Use it again in the body text and mention the related keywords at least once. Don’t go too crazy with keywords otherwise you can be penalized for “keyword stuffing”.

You need to make your keywords blend in naturally with your content. Never write content just for search engines. Write for your readers and integrate the keywords in a natural way. With a bit of practice you will soon get the hang of this.

3. Off Site Optimization

This is about other websites linking to your content. Each link is a “backlink” and you need to get as many high quality backlinks as you can to your website. When your content is good this will happen naturally but you can always give this a boost by creating your own high quality backlinks.

There are service providers who are experts in SEO that can do this for you. Be sure to check out reviews before you go ahead with any of these SEO service providers. Or you can learn about SEO and do it yourself.

4. SEO is your Long Term Traffic Strategy

Ranking as much content in the search engines over the long term should be your aim if you want to be successful with niche marketing. It may cost you money to begin with but if you have a good website that makes you money then the returns should be worth the effort and expense.

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