5 Niche Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid For Beginners

5 Niche Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid For Beginners

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Avoid These 5 Niche Marketing Mistakes For Beginners

Niche marketing is popular among the Internet marketing crowd but many of them make a lot of mistakes with it and then claim that it doesn’t work. Well niche marketing does work you just need to do it properly and avoid common mistakes which we will discuss here. The most common mistake is to choose the wrong niche so please learn from the following:

1. Don’t Choose a Niche based on Products

This is a classic mistake. You come across a product that looks good and you can make a lot of money as an affiliate with it. You decide to create a website around this product. This is not a niche marketing website.

Niche websites solve problems for people in the niche. Products change all of the time and if you create a website around a specific product then it can soon become obsolete. Be committed to solving problems instead. You can then find products that will help to do this where you can make money.

2. Following your Passion

How many times have you heard the advice to follow your passions when it comes to niche marketing? It seems like every product on the subject recommends this. OK it makes sense to do something that you are interested in but you will soon lose interest if you are not making money won’t you?

You do not have to be really passionate about a niche to succeed in it. It is possible to develop an interest in a niche and be successful. If you choose a niche that you know will bore you or goes against the grain in some way then you will fail.

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3. Not Validating a Niche

Some people will just start to work in a niche because they just think that it’s a good idea or someone else recommended it to them. This is not a good thing to do and you will be totally relying on luck which is not the best strategy.

You need to check that a niche idea has the demand and that people in the niche are spending money. If either one of these is not there then your chances of success or minimal to none. Take the time to validate your niche ideas.

4. Trying to find an Easy Niche

What a dream – a sizeable niche where people are spending money and there is little or no competition. Maybe one or two of these niches do exist but it really isn’t worth trying to find them. There are no new niches.

Competition in a niche tells you that there is demand and people are spending money. If a niche has no competition then run a mile. People have probably tried to make money from it before you and failed.

5. Believing you have to be an Expert

This is a common mistake that a lot of online marketers make when they are trying to choose a niche. If a niche idea looks good from a market size and commercial intent point of view they dismiss the niche because they believe they need expertise in the niche to succeed.

You don’t need expertise to succeed. Yes you do need to know something about the niche but just more than your target audience knows which is usually not that much. Don’t dismiss a niche idea because you need to learn about it.

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